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When I move my company, can I take my phone number with me?

This is a common question we have heard over the years from clients who are moving their company to a new location.  Their concern is that, after publicizing a main contact number for many years, their customers won’t be able to follow them to the new location and may go to a competitor out of frustration.

The answer to this question varies depending on the situation...

Historically, phone numbers were tied to specific geographic locations, referred to as Central Offices.  If the new address was within the Central Office boundaries, the answer to this question was Yes. However, if the relocation was outside that area, the answer was No.

Various services are offered by the Bell Operating Companies to assist in business relocations.  The most popular one is known as Remote Call Forwarding (RCF), where calls to the original number are transferred to the new one.  It allows companies to retain their clients by easing them into the new number at a nominal cost.  This service is currently available on a month to month basis, simply as a temporary solution.

Today’s environment offers an additional approach. This solution applies when telecommunications are conducted over the internet rather than fixed lines (often referred to as analog or copper).

Many clients utilizing services from internet providers (e.g. Comcast and Verizon) have the flexibility to keep their contact phone numbers regardless of their new address.  The internet knows no boundaries! However, there is an important new responsibility for the business owner. They must notify their internet service provider (ISP) that the existing number is now associated with a different address. This is critical to ensure that 911 personnel will be dispatched to the correct address. (also essential for pizza delivery!) Your internet service provider should assist you in this notification step.  



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