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Telecom Strategy for Fall 2014

In a previous newsletter, we compared two types of telecommunications systems: premise-based and hosted.  Both options are viable for small and large businesses. 

In the last newsletter, we recognized that premise-based telecommunications systems are still the most common and that not everyone is a candidate for a hosted system. For those whom hosted is an option, we provided detailed guidance on selecting a quality hosted vendor.

In this edition of our newsletter, we will provide guidance to businesses seeking the most appropriate and reliable premise-based vendor.

Selecting a Premise-Based Telecommunications Provider

You may be surprised to know that many clients not only do not remember their installing vendor but have no idea where to find another authorized service company for their telephone systems, some of which may be over 20 years old.  They are not thinking about that while their system is functioning properly in the background.  Whether we are talking about a telephone system or voice mail, the vendor is forgotten until the system problematic or worse, no longer functioning.

Numerous manufacturers and vendors have come and gone since the days of “divestiture”, sometimes referred to as the “break-up of the Bell System”.

One case in point is a client we are currently working with.  They have an AT&T system that is no longer manufactured or supported.  In essence, they have no place to go for problem resolution. Our recommendation was to totally change out the system while it was still working minimally.  The next questions are “change to what system and which vendor?”

  1. What is the most suitable system to meet your business needs?
  2. Where are the authorized distributors of the system located?
  3. How long have they been in business?
  4. Are they available for service calls seven days per week/twenty four hours per day?
  5. How many technicians do they have that are factory authorized on the product(s) you are interested in?
Leveraging our knowledge of the technology and the marketplace, Telecom Strategies, LLC  will work with you to answer these questions and identify any risks up front so you can move forward with the purchase of a Telephone System solution with confidence.  It is our job to ensure that our clients make the best, most cost-effective choice for their technology, system and vendor. 

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