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Telecom Strategy for Summer 2013

Choosing a new Telecommunications System is not easy and holds many risks.  There are many decisions to be made in the process.

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One of the first decisions is the type of phone system and services that will:
  • Allow your business to grow and operate;
  • Conform to budget restraints; and
  • Reliably operate in the background so that you are free to run your business and not be forced to devote time and energy to the functioning of telecommunications.
Before choosing the technology, either a Premise Based Telephone System or Hosted Cloud Communications, there are a series of questions to ask.
  • Is the business presently at one location or is it multi-site?
  • Is the business plan to expand to additional locations?
  • Is the business reliant on remote workers or is everyone on site?
  • Is the business prepared to make a large capital investment or is leasing/rental an option?
Depending on your answers to these essential questions, a telecommunications consultant can assist you in your search.   This issue raises another series of questions a business person must ask.
  • How do I appraise the abilities and objectivity of a Telecommunications Consultant?
  • What is a fair price for their involvement?
  • How do I budget for their services?
  • Are there different types of consultants?  Do they all charge the client or do some function as independent agents of Telephone System and Network Companies?  As such, can they provide services at no charge to the client?
  • Will the consultant remain with me after the sale?
  • Are they willing to be my “Outsourced Telecommunications Department”?
All of these questions are relevant and will allow you as a client to make a clear choice of a competent Telecommunications Consultant.

Remember that knowledgeable assistance is needed before and after the sale.

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