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Telecom Strategy for Fall 2013

Most people are open to learning new computer technology, including software.  They recognize that it can help them do their jobs more proficiently.  However they may not be aware that this exists in the realm of telecommunications as well.  Executives have different working perspectives and goals than sales and technical staff.  Often, neither sees telecommunications as a way to: 1) stay fully connected with their clients and fellow employees; and 2) become more proficient and successful at their jobs.

One technology that requires clarification for the small business is...



Hosted is a totally new concept in telecommunications.

The first “Hosted” system this consultant came across was over 30 years ago, in the days before the breakup of the Bell System.  Bell of Pennsylvania was marketing Centrex.  Anyone working for a major firm in a city heard this term often.  Rather than lease/purchase a premise-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system, firms would rent phones and services from their local Bell Operating Company.  In the event of a problem, the client only had to make one service call.  The phrase “One Neck to Grab” originated then.  No decisions had to be made.  No finger pointing occurred.
Hey folks!  That was the first Hosted system.  Now we refer to it as “Cloud Communications”!

The difference between Hosted Communications (Centrex) then and the Cloud Communications of today is the IP world.  No longer are we restricted to the geographic area around a Bell System (Verizon) Central Office.  With the utilization of the internet, we can have the same functionality all around the world.


Cloud Communications is only for large businesses.

While it is true that some of the Cloud Communications providers focus on the large enterprises, Cloud Communications is viable and affordable for businesses as small as the sole proprietor.

What better way to have features of a large system at an affordable cost of a small one?

What better way to have system support at no additional cost?  

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