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A Message of Thanks, Lessons Learned, And Looking Forward

Now that the New Year is upon us, we at Telecom Strategies offer a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our loyal customers, sales partners, and friends. This has been another year of growth for us. Without the support of our loyal customers, sales partners, and friends we would not have accomplished it. We look forward to reaping the rewards of success with all of you.

What we’ve learned from Sandy

Superstorm Sandy was an event unlike any other. Much of New Jersey and New York are still recovering from the storm or the Nor’easter that followed. From that experience, the successes and failures, we can learn lessons that will, hopefully, minimize problems for events such as this in the future.

The companies that had disaster recovery and fail-safe measures in place had a much easier time recovering during these difficult weeks.

The ability to have calls routed, forwarded and answered automatically enabled affected companies to quickly move operations out of damaged or inaccessible offices and into people’s homes. In other cases, ISP redundancy enabled companies to maintain their internet connection without interruption.

The Internet as the obvious lifeline of modern business is a prime failure point. What are you doing to secure your Internet connection? Do you have a secondary internet connection? More often than not, the answer is no. This inexpensive, straight forward redundancy could be a “life saver” in times of crisis.

Telecom Strategies can help you bring in the secondary Internet connection by upgrading your existing firewall or replacing it with a newer version. If your primary Internet goes down, the firewall will automatically default to the secondary provider. We can coordinate this with your current IT company or have one of our qualified IT partners establish it.

Telecom Strategies highly recommends that you look into all of the benefits hosted telephone service and cloud applications offer. Let us guide you through research and application. As a representative of over 80 providers, we understand that each company has unique challenges. We also understand that all providers are not identical. What may be a perfect fit for one may be inappropriate for another.

The goal of Telecom Strategies is to align your needs with the best provider, as well as manage the process for you.

Telecom Strategies provides opportunities for you to engage services and technologies that will cut costs and increase efficiency.

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We look forward to partnering with you in the New Year.

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