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How Do I Minimize Disruption to My Telephone Services While Moving?

Whether it is your phone system or your data center, moving can be complex and create unplanned disruptions to your business.

If you are considering a change in location, here are a few things to consider before moving day.

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Tips for Moving Your Telecom Services

  • Where are you going? Will you be in a city or suburb?
    • More populated areas will have a wider range of options, although logistics can also be more complex and sometimes more expensive.
  • What type of structure? Is it a high-rise in an urban setting, a shopping center or a stand-alone building?
    • High-rise buildings will have preexisting systems that you will need to work with or around. Find out what these may be before you sign the lease.
    • Stand-alone buildings may need to be retrofitted to accommodate your telecom needs. Consider the cost to benefit ratio into your plans.
    • Access to high-speed internet will vary depending on your location. Distance from carrier switches or COs, copper v. fiber availability, and service provider restrictions are other factors to consider.
  • What about the wiring?
    • Will you need to have the space rewired to accommodate your network? Creating a plan around your data center and its special needs is essential to a smooth transition.
  • What carriers and services are available?
    • Changing carriers can have an impact on whether your existing systems and equipment will continue to meet your needs.
  • Are there union regulations?
    • Union workers have to follow strict guidelines. Be aware of how this may impact your schedule.
  • Do you plan on keeping your current equipment, buying new or going "hosted"?
    • Often, moving presents an opportunity to upgrade your services. It doesn't make sense to move outdated equipment when a hosted option could save you money and give you better service.
  • What amount of downtime can you afford?
    • Some operations will need to plan for transitional services to prevent downtime disruptions during the move. There are a variety of options to consider.
  • How much time do you have before the move?
    • The more time, the better planning you can do and the easier the move will go. At minimum, give yourself at least 90 days. The more complex your telecom system, the more time you need.

If you are thinking about moving, call Telecom Strategies at 844-282-6400 to help you with transitioning your telecommunications systems. From large data centers to small offices, we can make the move easy from start to finish.

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