How can we offer our services at NO COST to the client?

We are agents of national and regional providers of hosted and premise-based telephone, voice/data, and VoIP systems including Comcast, Verizon, Toshiba, Avaya, NEC, and AT&T.

We receive our compensation from them when their services are selected and implemented.

What is the process for the selection of a provider?

TELECOM STRATEGIES personnel perform comprehensive needs and cost analyses of your telecommunications enterprise. The results are reviewed and bids are solicited. All vendor submissions are reviewed and discussed with you before collaborative decisions and selections are made.

TELECOM STRATEGIES will make recommendations, but the ultimate choice of provider will be yours!

What happens after the provider is selected?

TELECOM STRATEGIES manages the implementation and installation processes. We are your "Outsourced" Telecommunications department, always at your call whenever the need arises throughout the life of a system or contract.